How to grow your profits, reach, and influence by transforming your business into a brand.

3 Key Elements Of A Profitable & Lasting Brand


How to grow your profits, reach, and influence by transforming your business into a brand.

3 Key Elements Of A Profitable & Lasting Brand


Hi, I’m Jethro

High-Concept Marketer

What’s this series about?

Building a brand isn’t really talked about in the marketing industry. Everyone likes to talk about funnels or Facebook ads, and I think that’s great and all if you’re just in it to get into a business, get some money, and get out quick. But I’m not about that life.

Instead, my passion is to build longevity into businesses by transforming them into brands. I work with high-impact business owners who are passionate about what they do and want to create a legacy. Businesses who want to change the world. If that sounds like you, then I am confident you will benefit most from what I will share with you in the Building A Brand videos.

What you’ll learn

Each 5-minute video contains powerful and proven brand-building tips that I have used to help businesses grow in profits, reach, and influence. And how you can apply them to your business, whatever product or service you offer, to create a lasting and profitable brand.

What you might want to know

Wow, that’s a very direct question. My name’s Jethro and I’m the founder of Elevattic Marketing. I worked on campaigns across multiple industries over the last 4 years and I think I’m pretty good at what I do when it comes to getting results.

I am based on the sunny island of Singapore. It’s a tiny island in South-East Asia, sandwiched between Malaysia and Indonesia. No, Singapore is not in China.

Absolutely nothing. Each video is 100% currency-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. May contain nuts.

Each video is 5-minutes long. Because I know you’re busy and/or have a short attention span (like me), I concise everything into three 5-minute videos using the wonders of video editing.

The only guaranteed thing in life is death and taxes (unless you know a good accountant). But seriously, I can’t guarantee you results. Anyone who does is lying to you and you should stop listening to them.

Littered all over the page are purple “Watch Now” buttons. Click on one of those, submit your details, and I’ll send the videos to your inbox over the next 3 days. Easy peasy.

That’s a great question. If you head over to the homepage, you can check out the case studies on projects and businesses I’ve worked with.

If you’re reading this, I’m hoping I got my targeting right and that you run a business. My goal for filming this video is to share the importance of turning your business into a brand, and if you like what you see, hopefully we can explore working together in the future.

Everything you want to know can be found on the Elevattic website. If you prefer a more engaging and fun experience, I uploaded part of my consciousness into this chat bot where you can pretend you’re actually talking to me.

I’m more of a bald eagle person myself. But if I had to choose, cats all day. Dogs smell weird and are too friendly for my liking.

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