For educators, trainers, and experts who sell courses on Udemy, Teachable, Thinkific, or Skillshare.

Is your sales page really converting as well as it should?

I help course creators get more students through better converting sales pages.

I want to increase my conversions and sales

Is your sales page converting less than 1%?

That means for every 100 people that land on your sales page, less than 1 person becomes a student.

Just imagine how many students are you missing out on because of a bad sales page? Hundreds? Perhaps even thousands?

All the people you could have helped, but left because of an unoptimized sales page.

Bad Sales Pages Are Costing You Students!

Visitors land on your course page, skim through it, and bounce off because your sales page is not clear, too slow, not interesting, not persuasive, or poorly designed.

The data shows that if you don’t hook them in the first 3 seconds, most people will look elsewhere instead.

Imagine if you had a sales page that converted twice or three times as well, how many more students could you have?

Who’s in charge of your sales page conversion?

Who has deep copywriting experience? Knows how to optimize your sales page? And has a proven systems to deliver a converting sales page in days?

None of them! That’s why course creators look for me.

There aren’t many people who specialize in crafting irresistible offers, persuasive copywriting, and design thinking for sales pages. I spend every single day developing my skills so I can help clients solve a problem most course creators overlook.

Find out how I can improve your sales page.

Book your free sales page audit

What if you could save time and money?

Without you having to lift a finger?

You can save months of aimless testing and useless revisions. I can help you craft a better converting sales page.

Copywriting, conversion optimization, design thinking, positioning and offer-creation. Your team likely only has experience in one or the other. But don’t have the end-to-end experience to create a high-converting sales page.

I’ve spent the past 4 years doing exactly this!

You need someone who knows what works, what doesn’t, and has helped businesses across multiple industries craft offers that sell.

For the last 4 years, I’ve been writing copy every single day without fail. And my words have generated over $500,000 in gross sales revenue for my clients and myself.

Let me help you craft an offer and sales page that out-converts your current one.

So that you can save time and get better results, while you focus on doing what you do best (i.e., running your business, growing your course, engaging your community).

Let’s face it. Getting your sales page right isn’t something you can do overnight. It might take you months, if you even manage to get there. Why not let someone with more experience, focus on it to get you there in a fraction of the time?

Believe it or not, that someone exists!

That someone is me. I help course creators enrol more students in their courses by crafting high-converting sales pages.

And you can actually get in touch today.

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Here are some reviews of my free audit

“Jethro Mah thanks! I appreciate your feedback, super detailed!”

DAVID T, Instagram Content course

“Jethro Mah this is amazing. Most people will just say “speak to their pain points” and the advice is so generic. I’m just down on my luck or else I’d definitely want to work with you. Let’s keep in touch. I will think about this feedback and make some changes. If I can understand it, I’ll drop you a quick link for you to take a peak if that’s cool. If not, that’s cool too. You’ve already done an amazing job! Thank you.

ASIM H, Children's Book Publishing course

“Jethro Mah This is such a valuable input and it shows how passionate you are with Copywriting. I will definitely bring in those changes on my copy. I don’t know if saying ‘Thank you’ would be enough. But, it helps! :)”

KARTHIKEYA T, Java Programming course

“Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback Jethro. It hugely helps. I highly appreciate your time looking at my sales page and giving this incredible assessment.”

HINA S, Law of Attraction course

“Thank you so much for this helpful information!!!!”

SHEILA G, Anxiety Management course

“Jethro Mah appreciate the comments! I used to have the Home tab as the site landing page but thought it was too disjointed looking… I am definitely going to work on it and again appreciate your input!”

MICHELLE P, Life Coaching course

“Jethro Mah I have implemented some of your suggestions, if you’d like to take a look at the updated page. Thanks again for all your help!”

DUSTIN G, Crypto Trading course

“Wow that’s some amazing feedback, do you teach this stuff???”

ALISON A, Marketing for Real Estate course

“Hey man i REALLY appreciate and respect your feedback. You clearly put in a lot of time to read and respond and for that i am grateful.”

OMAR F, Lead Generation
Get the ball rolling with a free audit

How the whole thing works to get my clients more students

It’s a simple 5-step process!

See if we’re a good fit

I get it. You need certainty, right?

I know you came here to solve your conversion problem. Let me prove to you that I can walk the talk.

Here’s the deal. You pay me and I will craft your sales page, copy and design and all–in 14 days. Then you split test it with your current sales page.

If I outperform your current page, great! You have a shiny new sales page that converts better. If not, I’ll work with you until we beat your control, or I’ll give you your money back and we part ways. No loss to you. That’s my promise.

I’m not a hypocrite. I’m confident I can increase your conversions. I’ve done this for clients and even my own offers. Multiple times.

You wouldn’t trust someone who couldn’t make it work for themselves, would you?

Here’s the catch. I only work with very specific course creators.

I choose clients I work with very carefully because I value the freedom and want to do my best work for clients. This gives me very limited time to craft sales pages. That’s why I do have some criteria before we work together.

“What’s the next step?”

Let me do an audit of your sales page so I can give you tips to improve your sales page. It will be a short 30-min video call.

The goals of this audit:

  • Establish your core offer
  • Clarify your messaging
  • Quick tweaks to optimize your sales page
  • Recommend best solutions for your business, scale, and niche.

My aim is to give you tips that you can implement to immediately see a bump in sales. No cost. No obligations.

The goal is to show you what I can do. And if you decide you want to hire me, we can discuss more about my rates and all the businessy stuff after.

Book your free sales page audit

What will more students mean for you?

If I can help you get more students to enrol in your course, what would that mean to you?

How much better would life be for you?

How many more lives can you change?

What other opportunities would that open up for you?

It’s a simple choice between staying where you’re at or improving your business at every step of the way.

Let me help you achieve more.

Will you be the chosen one?

6 people on average book me for their sales page audits every week, but I only have time to work on 2 sales pages every month.

If you feel you’re a good fit, book a free sales page audit with me (click/tap the button below).

Let’s make you the next big thing. 👇

Book your free sales page audit

Some of your questions, answered

Sales page, course page, product page. Basically, the page where you tell people why they should sign up on your course. That’s your sales page.

The question is not whether you need one. It’s how well is that page converting visitors to sign ups?

For many of my clients, before they come to me, it’s pretty low. Some convert at less than 1%! *gasp*

So, if you want to potentially double (or even triple your sign ups), I’m your guy.

If you don’t like what I’ve written, you can always request a revision. This seldom happens, but I’m willing to go back to the drawing board until we have a sales page you can be proud of.

Hop on a free sales page audit with me and I’ll show you what I can do. You can take my tweaks and apply them to your sales page to immediately see a bump in conversions. For free! (And that’s a great price)

That’s proven to be not true over and over again. Based on years and spending tens of thousands of dollars testing short versus long-form copy.

And it’s not just me. Other marketers have spent billions of dollars over the last few decades. You can look it up.

Long-form copy always wins. That’s the data.

Why? Because people who are truly interested, need more information before they buy. And as long as you don’t bore the crap out of them, people don’t mind reading long-form copy.

If I can minimally double your sales in 30 days and make you more money, what’s the worth to you? Would you rather lose out on potential sales instead?

Not every course creator will be a good fit. Sometimes good enough is good enough. And that’s fine.

But if you are at a stage where you want to scale your operations, you have to make sure every step of the funnel is working the best.

And a great sales page is the most crucial step to a new sale. It’s the single page between a visitor and a sale. That’s where I can help.

That’s perfectly fine. If you have any questions, it wouldn’t hurt to book a free audit and get 1-on-1 time with me. It’s free and you can get all your questions answered. No pressure.

Then you book a free audit here using the button below:

Book your free sales page audit

Quick summary if you just skipped everything all the way till this section

  • For course creators with a proven funnel, looking to scale their business and get more students

  • Get a free sales page audit for your course (30-min video call)

  • During the audit, I’ll share tips you can implement immediately that will bump your sales (free money!)

  • If we’re a good fit, we’ll do a deep dive discovery and craft an irresistible offer

  • Then I’ll start writing you a high-converting optimized sales page

  • You can head to the gym, watch a movie, or do whatever you want while I work on the sales page.

  • Once I’m done writing, you launch the new copy and test it against your current sales page

  • We review the data. If for some unknown reason (almost never happened) my page doesn’t do as well, I will work on it until it outperforms your sales page. Or your money back.

I only can take 2 clients a month (it takes a lot of time to craft a great sales page).

So, if you want to be one of the lucky two, book your free sales page audit and let’s chat (click/tap the button below).

Book your free sales page audit