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Q: “How do I stand out in the marketplace and position myself as a premium service?”

Hi, my name is Jethro Mah. And I’m the founder of Elevattic.

I am a branding & marketing consultant and I help transform small businesses into legitimate, memorable brands.

I’ll help you evaluate your marketing funnel, customer profile, brand identity, visual assets, brand voice, copy, and systems.

And identify where you may be leaving money on the table so you’re not wasting opportunities to grow your business.

Really, it’s all about doing less work and reaping greater results.

This service is for anybody who wants an experienced marketer to give them a strategic plan of both their branding and marketing.

And develop an all-around cohesive brand.

The Problem

It can be intimidating trying to learn Facebook ads, WordPress, Illustrator, After Effects, a DSLR camera, SEO, CRMs, social media, and creating content.

Not to mention juggling other business functions like sales, management, logistics, and accounting.

You have a lot on your plate so the solution is to outsource.

In the end, many entrepreneurs end up building a “Frankenstein monster”. They’ve created a business stitched together from random, incompatible parts.

A logo from one designer. A website from another developer. Copy and content from different copywriters.

These people aren’t working as a team. And the result is a messy and amateur-looking “brand” that’s forgettable.

If you’ve ever landed on a website and something about the design, logo, or the copy immediately turns you off—then you know what I mean.

Unfortunately, many business owners are too invested in their own business that they can’t see what’s wrong.

I’ll help you stand out and make an impact

Think about what you want the future of your business to look like. What type of clients or customers excite and motivate you? What would you like to do and what are your strengths?

Once we figure this out, it’s a two-pronged approach to elevating your business:

Marketing your solution and building your brand.

To grow your profits, reach, and influence.

What you’ll get

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Brand Strategy

Marketing Strategy



Style Guide



Email Automation

Chat Bot Sequence

Systems Integration

Brand Sales Videos

Professional Photos

Is this for you?

Sure, you can hire each person individually and get it all done at a cheaper rate.

But as I mentioned, stitching together a Frankenstein business will do more harm than good for your business.

Let me strategize, design, and build your brand with you. You can consider me your branding and marketing architect.

I’ll draw up the blueprints and manage the construction and interior design of your business, to bring your vision to life. And you’ll be involved in the decision process every step of the way, because after all, it’s your baby.

So if you’re ready to up your brand game and shed your “small business” look, click the button below, fill up the pre-qualifying questionnaire, and I’ll reach out to you if we’re a good fit.

Let’s Transform Your Business Into A Brand

Click the button below to take a questionnaire to see if we’re a good fit


Some Brands & Business I’ve Worked With

Here’s What They Have To Say About My Strategies & Work…

“Just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your help with the campaign. Your emails and strategy worked like magic! We made over 5 figures from them this weekend, ROI was over 4000%. Sales went up 10x. You were the perfect guy for this. Thanks again.”


“Jet’s marketing strategies have doubled our revenue from $20,000 in 8 months to $20,000 a month. The moment we got him in, we’ve gotten so much demand that we had to grow our team to meet the flood of new clients.”


“I have worked with Jet on multiple projects. And learned a lot in the areas of copywriting and conversion optimization, which I use to help grow my businesses. I highly recommend you learn from him if you want to grow your business or freelancing career.”


“Through his strong business knowledge and strategies, Jet helped me identify the root of my problems and provide solutions in actionable steps. He has helped me create a stronger vision for my business and I’m able to see exactly what I need to do to scale my business to the next level.”


“Jet has taken me from a complete newbie in the digital marketing space to someone who can live off being self-employed for a while now. His knowledge in marketing and copywriting has helped me a ton in my sales and business growth. He makes marketing easy to understand, and provides solid templates to craft engaging, compelling sales pages.”


“Having work with Jet on several projects, I must say that he is a GENIUS when it comes to the using his creativity and great visuals to increase conversions. If you need more customers or sales, I can only say ‘Get ready to RECEIVE!’”


What’s the deal?

If you’re reading up till this part, I’m guessing you’re at least a bit interested.

So why not just jump on a strategy call with me? It’s free anyway. If you like what I have to share, we can explore working together.

If not, no hard feelings. We’ll just go our separate ways.

The questionnaire is just to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Because due to the nature of my service, I can only take on two clients at any one time.

Each project lasts anywhere from one to six months. And because my team and I dedicate our 100% to building your business, we can’t take too many clients on at once.

So hey, if you’re serious and you think this is something that your business needs to grow, let’s connect. Hope to speak to you soon and all the best in your endeavors.

Let’s Transform Your Business Into A Brand

Click the button below to take a questionnaire to see if we’re a good fit